We are building an NFT ecosystem for artists, developers & brands.

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We are creating a Token for the NFT Community - with actual utility!

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Building a full service NFT ecosystem

Starting with our Minting API as the technical foundation, we continue to build tools and services to make it as easy as possible for you, your customers and the crypto community to engage with NFTs.


A highly robust and scaleable NFT API that allows developers to use NFTs in whichever way they imagine. By taking away the complexity of Cardano development we aim to make NFT development as easy as possible.


Payment Gateway

The NFT-MAKER Payment Gateway acts as a checkout system to standardise the NFT buying experience. We support every major Cardano wallet, and it can be integrated into a variety of products very easily.


Whitelabel drops

We are helping artists & brands to launch their NFT collections. In close collaboration with over 25+ artists we've helped some incredible projects to get into the NFT space.


Marketplace - Coming Soon

By building an easily accessible NFT marketplace focused on user experience and onboarding of new artists and NFT enthusiasts, we aim to lower the barrier to entry into the NFT space.

NFT Trading
Smart Contracts

CNFT Awards

We are bringing the community together for a celebration to bring the spotlight to our communities favourite Cardano NFT projects.

Award show
Yearly event

NFT License - Coming Soon

What do I actually own?

A question that is often unclear when purchasing NFTs. To provide more clarity on the legal situation of NFTs we are standardising NFT Licenses in close collaboration with our lawyers.

Digital rights

Web Wallet - Coming Soon

A wallet focused on creating a better user experience for NFT collectors and especially crypto-beginners. By building this wallet, we will lower the barrier to entry and help bring NFTs to the masses.

New users

Cardano Stake Pool - Coming Soon

The NFT-MAKER Stakepool pays out ADA every five days to its delegators and on top of that grants discounts for all NFT-MAKER products and provides $NMKR tokens and NFT airdrops.

Ticker: NMKR


Game Lauchpad - Coming Soon

We are building a video game digital distribution service focused specifically on the traditional Indie Gaming Scene & Non-Play-To-Earn Games. Allowing creators and developers to use NFTs to crowdfund their games and solve digital rights management issues.


Whitelabel NFT Marketplace - Coming Soon

By creating a simple to use system to launch your very own branded NFT marketplace we want to make NFTs more attractive to artists not interested in launching their Art on Crypto-community-focused NFT marketplaces.

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Let everyone have fun with it

Enthusiasts, collectors and people new to crypto want to be part of the NFT trend to trade things they love and engage in a new, lively community. By using our tools it's easier to get started with NFTs than ever.

Whitelabel drops
Payment Gateway

“No matter what you want to create we provide a variety of product that will allow your users to go from A-Z.”

Bringing your art to the blockchain

Artists look for easy-to-use solutions to build sustainable income streams in the NFT market in order to monetize their intellectual property in the digital space. As NFT-MAKER we are focusing heavily on making this process as easy as possible.

Whitelabel drops

“No matter what you want to create we provide a variety of product that will allow your users to go from A-Z.”

Make the step

Brands aim to use NFTs as gamified mechanisms to bind customers closer to their brands. We help making this a reality not only as technical partner but also by bringing in our experience with NFTs.

Whitelabel Marketplace
Payment Gateway

“No matter what you want to create we provide a variety of product that will allow your users to go from A-Z.”

Change your industry

Big corps are exploring blockchain and NFT technology to reinvent, optimise and revolutionise their digital processes. By serving as technical partner we help corporations to find and build Utility NFTs.


“No matter what you want to create we provide a variety of product that will allow your users to go from A-Z.”

We make a difference on Cardano

900,000+ NFTs minted

15,000+ Projects Created

31,000,000+ ADA MOVED

700,000+ Transactions

25,000+ USers

and got many projectS started


We are a team of builders constantly pushing NFTs to the next level. Find out more about our plans for 2022.

Q1 2022

  • Stake Pool Launch

  • $NMKR Token

  • Whitepaper Release

  • Smart Contracts in 

  • Marketplace ADA Handle Integration

  • CNFT Awards

Q2 2022

  • Fiat Payment Integration

  • Milkomeda Integration in NFT-MAKER PRO

  • CNFT Stake Pool Alliance

  • Smart Contract Audit

  • NFT-MAKER as 3rd Party Login

  • Marketplace Social Features

  • Digital Identity for NFT Artist Verification

  • Marketplace Launch

Q3 2022

  • NFT-MAKER Game Launchpad

  • NFT-MAKER Wallet

  • Unnannounced Chain Integration in NFT-MAKER PRO

  • Additional Voting Mechanisms for $NMKR

  • Marketplace Trust Score

  • NFT Calendar

  • Live Minting Ticker

  • NFT Fractionalization in NFT-MAKER PRO

Q4 and beyond

  • NFT-MAKER News Outlet

  • Additional Voting Mechanisms for $NMKR

  • Integration of NFT-Minting  & Trading for 2 more additional Blockchains in NFT-MAKER PRO & the Marketplace

  • NFT-MAKER Party :)

  • Physical Asset NFT Integration

  • NFT Staking

  • NFT-Focused-Layer 2 Research

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